Abbey and Gianna Like It Big

abbey brookes and gianna lynn like it bigThis is one of the stranger episodes I have run across. Take two nicely busty pornstars, Abbey Brookes and Gianna Lynn, add in a car and a guy jacking off, and you have a pretty weird adventure from Pornstars Like It Big:

Abbey is not happy with the dress she is wearing and decides to go to the mall with Gianna to find something sexier to find big cock in. It’s at a stop sign in Abbey’s car where they spot Jordan jacking off to their big tits in his car. Abbey forgets all about shopping and goes straight for the big cock as she chases him in hot pursuit. Jordan tries to lose them as he is worried that they will call the cops on him, but Abbey and Gianna catch up just in time to find his car in the garage. The girl’s quest for cock is over as they barge into his home and fuck him

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